Audrey Hendler and A Fair Shake for Youth named NYer of the Week by NY1 for making a difference in the lives of young New Yorkers 

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A Fair Shake for Youth uses the therapeutic power of dogs to help disadvantaged and vulnerable youth build empathy, self-esteem, and the skills and behaviors that foster positive relationships with family, peers and the community.

Friends of the ChildrenA Fair Shake for Youth partners with schools and community organizations to offer programs to youth 12-20 that combine hands-on work with registered therapy dogs and a curriculum of dog-related topics that resonate with the youth’s own life experiences.  Dogs, honest and non-judgmental, connect with kids in a way that adults often cannot.


PS 75: A New FriendAs youth learn basic dog handling skills they have an opportunity to care for and about another living being and to experience the love and affirmation dogs offer so freely.   They see the power of communication, of relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Sometimes, simply seeing they can positively influence another being — getting a dog to sit gives them permission to envision greater possibilities for their own future.

Watch as students at Broome Street Academy work with the dog rescued from a shelter in Houston to play Sandy in Broadway’s Annie before going to see the show.

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